Supporting Ukraine: The response of European startups and how to help 🇺🇦

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In these uncertain and frightening times we find ourselves in, many of us want to take action and support those suffering in Ukraine. Across Europe, we have seen an incredible display of solidarity, including many remarkable initiatives from startups and tech companies across the EU.  EU-Startups covers how these companies, Pipedrive included, have responded to the war in Ukraine.


The European startup ecosystem has also been playing a key role in supporting Ukraine during this time. Countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are giving practical information and tools for startup founders to get visas, and companies are getting help to relocate HQs. Ukraine itself has a thriving and healthy startup ecosystem and an inventive and talented nation known for creativity and an ability to come up with innovative solutions to everyday challenges. It is a resilient nation, and that is clear to see today.