Asking for advice- tracked/opened emails

Lauren Murkin
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Does anyone know if you are able to send a group email just to the people who have 'opened' your email? I sent a group email and tracked the responses but seem to be unable to send another group email just to those that I can see have opened it. Doing this individually would take a lot of time. 



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    There isn't a way [at the moment] to send a follow-up when somebody has not yet opened the email. 

  • Amit Sarda (
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    Not within Pipedrive, no. But you can probably combine these with an email marketing tool like Mailchimp and send another email to people who have not opened the previous ones.

  • Andrew Pisnyy
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    I agree with Amit. Use the Mailchimp campaigns to accomplish your goal. Easy to use and is developing all the time, so I would recommend it. 

  • Switchd Partnerships
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    We would do that with a full email system - I've used a number of them (currently using SendInBlue) to build automations and workflows to do this sort of thing