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Romain Batany
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Here is the issue I'm facing:

  1. We create LEADS in Pipedrive. 
  2. If they reply, our email automation tool automatically creates DEALS. 
  3. As the contact persons are present in both LEADS and DEALS, we can't see the email conversations in the DEALS

Is there any way we could make sure email conversations get marked to both LEADS and DEALS? I really do not want to convert the leads or delete them for tracking purposes.



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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Romain! 

    As I understand the automation creates a new Deal fully. In this case, 1 email can only be linked to 1 Deal / Lead, and it can't be re-linked automatically. So in this case the only way would be to manually change it under Mailbox. But that does not make much sense for you, I understand. Certainly something our team can look into with future updates to Automations.

  • Romain Batany
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    Correct Kreete, we are looking to automate this process and do not want to manually link the emails to the deal.

    For us, it seems normal to have both a lead and a deal and we want to see the history of emails on both PD pages