"Deal stage" not available in workflow

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I'm trying to populate one of my contact fields ("Deal stage") with the value of the deal stage ("Negotiation", for eg.) when the deal's stage is updated. However, in the list of fields that I can pull the data from, there is only "Deal stage ID", which is a numerical value (1,2,3,4, etc.) but the actual String value ("Qualified", "Proposal Sent", "Negotiations", etc.) is not available. It seems to be pretty straightforward to have the string value when you can have the Stage ID. Any reason this is not there? Also, is there a workaround to achieve what I've explained above?


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    Hi Karthi! 

    At the moment indeed we only have the Stage ID there. You can check with our Support to get the exact ID and Stage names matching. This is for sure something we will forward as feedback to our team to have improved in the future. 

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    A workaround you could use is to list all stages you have in your Pipeline in a custom field in your contact:

    Then you create a workflow for each stage a Deal enters. (I know it's not the best solution but it will work, and if you have to use conditions for each stage ID to change the name it could be as long as doing like this)

    Now, every time a deal moves a stage you link the stage with your custom field stage name.









    I hope that helps!

    Have a nice day!!!

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    Hey @Karthi  you can just create a simple scenario in Make :)