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Oskars_74638 Member Posts: 2

I think it would be great if Pipedrive could add e-mail field to Organization profile. 

Then it would be available to send group e-mails straight to organizations. For example, in cases when your company's adress or phone changes. You don't need to find specific person to tell him that, you can just send out e-mail to every Organization.  

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Well if you wanted to send it to everybody, you can send it to every contact through People..


    Also, you can use the Filtered Views on People and use organization fields [ie: Main Point of Contact or some other custom fields]

  • Oskars_74638
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    I didn’t wrote that I want send email to everybody, I want send to main Organisatio email address.


    if I need use people, then I need to make fake people for main organisatio contacts. 

    I see that you didn’t got my point

  • Kreete K
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    Hi Oskars! 

    Indeed right now only Contact People have default email fields and if you want to register a general email address like [email protected], and the organization has multiple Contact people linked, the workaround is to have a general contact person for the Org and have the general address there.