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I've been using the Campaigns feature in Pipedrive for a few weeks now and it seems to be working well. One thing I was wondering about was, for contacts in my database that come back with a "Hard Bounce" status on an email that I send out, if I go into that contact and update their email address so that it is correct, will they still be marked as "Hard Bounce" and not receive future emails? Or when I go to send out another email campaign will they receive the email now that I have their correct email address in their contact information?


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    Hi Jordan

    You can change bounced email address to correct & active one and Marketing status for this contact will be automatically changed to NO CONSENT. You will then need to manually change this contact status from NO CONSENT to SUBSCRIBED. If contact is active, it will not be bounced again. 

    And nice to hear Campaigns is working well for you!  
    Would you like to see in Campaigns specific solution which will help to correct added subscribed emails? For example, if you're adding would you like the product to offer you to correct such contact to

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    Yes of course @Aleksandrs Vilums ! Pipedrive should notice email mistakes and help us fix them, please!!