Should you hire a sales enablement manager?

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Assigning a leader for your sales enablement strategy can help implement and launch it successfully. 

This is the job of a sales enablement manager. 

Their role is to support the sales enablement team and build bridges to other departments so relevant content can be sourced and shared easily. 

They will also be in charge of coaching reps on using tools like sales enablement platforms, wikis and content hubs to find and share assets when trying to close deals. 

The day-to-day tasks of a sales enablement manager include: 

  • Sourcing and storing assets from marketing, customer success and sales operations
  • Acting as a bridge between different departments and stakeholders
  • Understanding how assets fit into the sales team’s funnel and finding content to fill any gaps
  • Implementing new tools and processes 
  • Tracking and analyzing which assets get used
  • Learning new sales strategies and training reps on sales enablement processes

The role and responsibilities will differ depending on the size of your company and the number of sales reps employed on your team.

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