Frequency by Product - One time, Monthly Quarterly etc.

Abbey Garcia
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Need to be able to forecast revenues by product. Add a field for frequency on each product line. Allow user to choose each product as: one time, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and ideally custom frequency like every X weeks, every X months. 

While you're at it allowing each product to have a default frequency makes sense too. 

Also, for subscription based revenue I would want the option to see the ongoing subscription value exclusive of one time setup fees as the deal value and the ability to toggle between annual value and monthly value. 

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    Hi Abbey!

    The first of your issues could be fixed with a custom field. Just add the same custom fields you wrote about, to your products, and you can filter the deals out based on that. Same for the frequency. Just make a "Choose from one" list.