Projects beta: Biggest update yet! 🚀🚀

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In case you missed my email from last week 😇 Last week we released our biggest update yet in the projects beta area. 

>> Watch this ~9min demo video which includes the latest updates <<

What did we release since the last time I wrote to you?

Projects now have pipelines and stages
You can create multiple pipelines, add/edit stages, etc..
Activities in the project are now grouped by stage with an unassigned phase as well
You can re-order the columns on the list view
Copying activities from an existing project in a new project copies the cadence of time differences between activities and remembers the original owner
Activities in the project open in a contextual view
In case you weren't aware yet, you can add custom fields to Projects
Use quick status and label filters
Small update to colouring of projects on the list view
         - Red = Project overdue (end date of the project has passed)
         - Green = Completed
         - Strikethrough = Cancelled

What is coming next?

- The Kanban view seen in the demo video will go live in the coming weeks
- We'll start preparation for enabling projects in the workflow automation feature
- Many smaller updates to the list view and detail views to improve your experience

I'm super excited to be sharing this update with you and I promise we'll continue to work on improving the after-sales project delivery experience for you and your team.

What we need most at this point is your feedback! We understand various things you might need could still be missing as we're in Beta. So please test us out and don't give up on us if it's missing something, but help us improve it and add value for you and your team. Just click the hyperlink in the global message on top of every projects page like in this image.

Enjoy the rest of the week and kind regards from the Projects team! 

P.S The new projects add-on is currently free to test in BETA. After the BETA period ends it will require an additional subscription. You will not be subscribed automatically.

P.S.S. Do you have team members focussed on project delivery that are not in Pipedrive today but should have access to this functionality and not the rest of Pipedrive, we'd love to talk to you, please book some time here with us.

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