Pipedrive Podcast by Evolve: #15 Bonjoro - Casey Hill

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Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell, talks all things Bonjoro and Pipedrive automation with Casey Hill, Head of Growth.

Bonjoro lets you send personalised videos at every stage of the customer journey, to convert, activate and your support your customers. 



- Making your business more human with video 

- The unique power of personalised video 

- Cutting demo no-show rates in half 

- What does the future look like for Bonjoro? 

- How does Bonjoro integrate with Pipedrive 

- Tips for creating video messages 


Interested in giving Bonjoro a try? 


Check out the Bonjoro demo: 


Considering Pipedrive? Sign-up for a free 14-day trial here: 


Book a personal demo with Casey here: 



Evolve are Pipedrive Elite Partners, helping our clients with implementation, consultancy, and training. 

Book a free Evolve consultation here: https://calendly.com/bruceatevolve/30min?month=2022-03 

Or Visit: www.weevolvebusiness.com

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