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Tyler Harnden
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Currently, if I type notes about an organization in the Organization's profile, those notes do not appear if a deal is created.  Typically, I will type notes about an organization explaining why they may or may not be an ideal fit.  If they are ideal, I will create a deal and put them into a pipeline for tracking purposes.  Unfortunately, the notes from before a deal was created are not copied over to the deal and I have to go back to the Organization's profile to see my previous notes.  When a deal is created, is there a way to create an option to transfer organization notes to the deal?

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  • Amit Sarda (
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    You can't carry notes in Org to a Contact/a Deal.

    One option you can explore is adding a custom field under Org to capture these details. They will always be accessible in the deal detail view under Org details.

  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Tyler!

    The best way would be, to add everything in a custom field as Amit said. Make it an organization custom field and just write everything in there. If you apply that it will show in a deal, then you can always see all that information inside of your deals. You can also just copy-paste the Notes from Orgs to Deals. A bit more manual, but still doable.

  • Tyler Harnden
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    How do I suggest that this feature be added to Pipedrive?  I feel like this simplifies a lot of workflow.