I would like to be able to register a person in more than one company. Example: John Doe may work at

Oscar Vega
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Alsooooo, be able to register more than one "owner" of a particular "Deal" (i can assign a deal to two or more staff members)



  • Bruce Bignell
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    Hi @Oscar Vega, you raise a really good question/feature. What's the use case you have here?

    I would challenge the thinking that, the data point "republican from Ohio" would be best placed as a company. 

    If you have specific data you'd you'd like to collect, search and filter against, you could try creating custom fields in your 'Pipedrive person' pages. Have you given this a go?

    That way you could collect "Political party: Republican" / "State: Ohio" (using Google Address data) / "Owned Businesses: Coffe by John (which could be linked to an existing or new Pipedrive Organisation)

    Example I just put together below: