Asking for advice: Hubspot<>Pipedrive Integration issues

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Currently working on HubSpot and Pipedrive integration, but I've encountered several issues when it comes to lead routing: only the organization and deal objects are being created, but not the person associated. 

Also 2-way sync is limited only to fields that are "free-text" type, so I was suggested to clone fields that are "single-option" into "free-text" ones and then update them via a workflow in PD, but this is not working unless I do a manual update in the object first, which is not scalable. 

Anyone with experience in this integration that can provide some advice?

Thank you!



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    @Urban Sports Club Campaigns 

    Did you able to resolve this issue?

    If not please get in touch after a week, we are planning to try HubSpot sync. 

  • Urban Sports Club Campaigns
    Options no, we are using zapier to sync some fiels that are not allowed via the Hubspot cnnector 2-way. Let me now if you have more insights. Also I'm looking into recording email engagement from Hubspot to Pipedirve.


    @Urban Sports Club Campaigns , sure. Please feel free to email me at .

    Happy to help with what I know.