[Closed] Volunteers needed - feedback for improvements in Chatbot

Veronika Danielova
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EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 

We will be shortly developing some improvements in our Chatbot feature and I have a huge favour to ask. 

Are you a Chatbot user? Would you like to help us with the testing of new improvements and give us your feedback? 

We need approx 20min of your time and I can ensure you we will of course reward you with some small token of our appreciation. Feel free to book your slot in this link 


Veronika :-)


  • NickC
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    Let’s do it ;-) Have a few things to brainstorm about. 

  • Henry Aldana
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    Yes, I like to give it a try, Im already using a chatbot But not this one..


  • Leonardo_77308
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    Please, We would like a google ads integration and proactive chat opening! Thanks!

  • Laurent Gaulhiac
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    I would be great if we could add our logo instead of the "bubble/chat" icon. And also change the shape (rounded square AND circle...) Thanks for your consideration :)

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