Feedback, need archive fonction for contacts


I am currently cleaning up our pd CRM. 

Here is my case example, I look into a company into our pd. We did project with someone but the person is no longer working into the company.

I don't want that person to stay active but I don't want to lose tack of the past exchanges on projects.

There should be a way to make that person non active and keep track of the exchanges... If you delete the contact, you loose all related communications.




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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Simon!

    This is a nice idea. Maybe for now, you can use Labels to mark "Deactivated" contact. But yes, for now we do not have an in-built system to archive them. 

  • Simon Robitaille
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    Hi Kreete, 

    Yes, I will! Hopefully, sometimes soon, there will be an integrated on clic solution to avoid me to relabel the name of the customer and have to remove them from the email newsletter. 

    Thank you for your openness!