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Stuart Jacobson
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We want to send prospects an email but Pipedrive requires some arbitrary consent, we have validated our emails with zero bounce, and sent emails using other services, but that is not good enough.  

How can we know if a prospect consents if we can't send them an email from Pipedrive in the first place?  

This is impossibly illogical and circular and very different from Salesforce or any other tool I have used.  

Further, their help-chat person promised that emails would be released in 24 hours but then they weren't.  

Again, all our email addresses are by Zero Bounce validation service.  For some reason, they require that they be vetted some other way but do not offer a way to achieve consent. 

This is weenie logic and "catch 22."  

To top it off, the help-chat person promised that it would be resolved in 24 hours.  It wasn't and they refused to refund the fee so I had to deny the charge with my credit card.  BIZARRE.  Stay away.


  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Stuart!

    Care to explain a bit more. I have tried the Campaigns since it was first released, but since we don't send out many mass email campaigns, I haven't really gotten into any big issues with it. Currently, the only validation I know that Pipedrive wants is 2FA and that you mark the client as "Subscribed" on their contact profile.

    So taking in mind the 2 things I stated above. You can just bulk edit all the contact for "Subscribed" Marketing status.


  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Stuart,

    I'm sorry to hear about this experience. I checked your case internally and I can see our Compliance Team needed some extra details about your contacts opt-in that unfortunately we could not get.

    To give you some context about this request, we need to be sure that campaigns are being sent to contacts that opted-in because we want to ensure that our IPs keep having a great reputation and the best possible deliverability to all our clients. We have strict rules in place because of this, and I do apologize for the frustration it might have caused you.

    Regarding the refund request, I see this is being analyzed internally. We will get back to you as soon as we know more. 

    We hope we can still turn this experience around for you, so if anything else is needed don't hesitate to reach us through email.