Generate instant reports and learn which marketing campaigns and lead actions are leading to deal m

Nilangan Ray
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With our recent launch of two-way data sync , I think it is a good idea to explore how Salespanel can be used to generate lead reports and identify which marketing sources and lead actions are leading to deal movements to later stages and purchases.

If you are not familiar, Salespanel automatically captures leads from your website and tracks which marketing campaign they came from and how they are engaging with your website and emails. If you are using Google ads for example, Salespanel tracks which exact campaign, keyword and advert your leads interact with.

Now with Salespanel Reports, you can find out which lead sources and web pages are leading to moving deals to certain stages and purchases. You can create real-time analytic reports on any data attribute on Salespanel in minutes. 

For more information on two-way sync with Salespanel, please check out this article: Real-time two way data sync with Pipedrive for sales enablement and personalized marketing

If you are interested in knowing more about reports, please check out this article: Overview of Salespanel Reports 

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or any thoughts to share.


  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you @Nilangan Ray ! This seems like something that would work well with our Leads Inbox feature. 

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    Absolutely @Inês Batata !

    I just had a look at with Leads Inbox and I think it will work super well with Salespanel's lead scoring and other lead qualifying signals. I will work with my team to prepare a guide on it soon. Thank you for pointing this out.

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    I am curious if this functionality lead anywhere, and if it was developed for tools other than Salespanel (specifically, Semrush). Thanks!