How to Handle Deal Price Changes?

Riley Rogers
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Hi PipeDrivers,

We are running into a big issue with PipeDrive where, every time a deal price has changed, we have to duplicate the deal to keep track of the changes, and I'm wondering how others deal with this issue.

To give a quick overview:

We are a software company and we manage all deals/projects within PipeDrive. The software is broken into modules. So, for example, if a client starts with a base price and wants to add on a module months later, we need to close down the original deal and start a new, duplicate deal to reflect the change and dates. I realize this information is in the Change History but we cannot see that if we were to pull a report of deals. We also use the SyncQ integration with QuickBooks to invoice, which is a huge reason why we can't just change the price in the deal.

Any advice/insight is appreciated.

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