Trigger automation when deal is won

Peder Hansson_77382
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Hi. I need to trigger an company wide automation (in a specific pipedrive pipeline) through zapier (or the Pipedrive workflow automation) thats triggers when a deal is won AND the deal includes one or many different specified products. E.g. Depending on what kind of product(s) is in the won deal it needs to trigger one or many different automations to start the delivery phase of each separate product/service. How should i attack this challenge?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Peder,


    Use a “Deal Filter” and put all of your rules on the filter

  • Andre Vill -
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    Hi Peder! 

    Like Boris said! Just rule out all of your specific data in the filter when doing the workflow automation.

    You can add that it checks for specific products and specific stages or statuses.

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