Optimize your Facebook sign-up form’s conversion rate

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Facebook sign-up forms are an efficient way to capture leads and add them to your email list—but many businesses fall at the last hurdle: their CTA isn’t up to scratch.

It may only be a word or two, but your CTA button shouldn’t be an afterthought. “Sign up” and “Subscribe” may do the job, but think about a more effective CTA. 

The right words can motivate your leads to take action, while the wrong ones can stop them in their tracks. In general, you can create stronger CTAs by:

  • Starting with verbs to highlight the action you take
  • Using possessive adjectives such as “your” and “my”
  • Showcasing the specific benefits of signing up (including any lead magnet)
  • Encouraging immediate action with words like “today” or “now”

Instead of a generic (and potentially negative-sounding) “Submit”, try something like “Get my free cheat sheet now” or “Download your ebook instantly”.

Learn how to create and add a sign-up form to your Facebook page in our Facebook Sign-Up Form guide.



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    Other good CTA's (that would need to match your 'lead magnet') could be:
    Get your Free Checklist Today!
    Download your Quick-Start Guide Now!
    Send me 9 Mistakes To Avoid When ...

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