Tip for improvement: ToDo Checklist for every Deal stage in pipeline

Martin Krajčír
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For som stages of pipeline I need to attach some kind of ToDo Checklist to remember, what need to be done in this stage.

ToDo Checklist should be pre-configured as a template for every stage in pipeline configuration. Checklist should be pinned as a note in Deal.


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  • Laurie_58144
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    Agreed - It would be helpful to have pre-configured templates for Notes

  • Steffen Hepp
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    Dear Martin, yes this is possible. Initially we had the support of @Bernd Auer and his team and he had several tricks and integrated them in our system. You can just wirte him a direct message. Sure he will responde and help you.

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  • Bob Harper
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    I found a way to do this with custom fields.

    First, create a custom deal/lead field. Make sure to uncheck "Always visible in deal detail view" and "Appears in 'Add lead' and 'Add deal' views.":

    Next, Mark the field as important in the deal stage it pertains to:

    Finally, Repeat the process for as many checklist items and stages as you need.

    If you want to see it in action, here's a link to a video I made for my co-worker. https://youtu.be/IgKF37BLpDY