🏆 ☎️ Success Story: How a phone sales pro cracked the formula to successful cold calling

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The Community success stories return with a special guest, Pipedrive's own Sales Operations Manager @Joe Kenny . In this video, Joe shares his personal experience of how he learned to make the most of each call by listening and identifying his customer's needs, and then tie them back to his product.

Do you relate to this experience? Let us know about your breakthrough moments in the comments 🚀


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    Nice one @Manuel Oliveira and Joe! We have been doing consultative sales at Bison for over 4 years now and have a couple of tips I can throw down below to help others that read and watch this.

    1) Setup your Discovery call process properly:

    We have a very fixed list of questions we need to ask our leads during our discovery call, to make it fast for our sales team we use a custom Jotform that includes:

    • the list of questions (including detailed overviews of each question for new sales members)
    • a big text box to write the details from the call as it happens
    • a survey that includes:
      • Lead Score calculation
      • Deal Score calculation
    • a checkbox to add a Discovery Call activity to Pipedrive (for KPI tracking)
    • a field to capture the Deal ID (to assign the above against)

    We then use Integromat to push all of this data immediately into Pipedrive, so the deal is updated, notes are saved, deal and lead scores are updated, and the "Discovery Call" activity is added to under the relevant team member. It's fast and really efficient.

    2) Make great presentations

    We use Paperflite to quickly and easily create dynamic presentations after the discovery call. 

    Our process is to get a video demonstration booked at the end of the discovery call (similar to you) but we have a physical product so can't demo it as easily as a piece of software. We have all sorts of relevant and up to date assets hosted in the Paperflite platform which allows us to make a custom branded "landing page" for each lead/company in just a few seconds, insert the relevant case studies, product sales deck, videos etc, and then hit Publish.

    We jump on the Google Meet/Zoom meeting and then walk through the (beautiful) Paperflite presentation, with assets that line up with their discovery call, and then at the end of the presentation, we send it through to the lead for their further review.

    Paperflite tracks all engagement and gives our sales team a great advantage over emailing PDF's like we used to.

    Happy to answer any question - Andrew