Is there a way to add a label (Cold, Warm, Hot) to leads generated via LeadBooster?

Doug Horner
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  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Doug, you can do this through Workflow automation.

    Use the deal created trigger and update person fields. One of your options will be label.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Doug Horner

    This would require using an automation, and at the moment automations don't have a trigger condition of the "Lead" type, only "Deal" type. 

    However, like @Joshua Hindman suggested, you can create an automation that applies a label to a deals converted from a lead. Make those deals consistently recognizable by the automations by adding a particular prefix to their title, for example, and make that the trigger for your automation.

    And thank you for your suggestion, I will send it over to the team for consideration!

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