9 Pipedrive pro tips

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We asked Pipedrive expert @Paul Minors  what his Pipedrive top tips were and he put together this wonderful blog post. His advice:

  1. Always define an activity reminding you what to do next
  2. Use Workflow Automation to create activities based on the deal stage
  3. Use the ‘expected close date’ to forecast your upcoming sales
  4. Track deal source with a custom “Referred by” field
  5. Use Outfunnel (that's us!) to sync the right segments to your email marketing tool
  6. Customize your Lost reasons​
  7. Use the Contact Timeline to nurture your important relationships
  8. Use the revenue forecasting features in Pipedrive to peek into the future
  9. Save intro and follow up emails to templates

You can read the full post on Outfunnel blog:  9 Pipedrive Tips and Tricks, with Pipedrive Expert Paul Minors



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    Great to collaborate with you on this post Andrus!

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