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I'm organizing Pipedrive in a way that will provide clear information about the bonuses that are associated with the deals. I've used the custom currency to create a custom value, and associated it with products that are representing bonuses that are added to the deal by a salesperson. 

Thanks to this we can easily track the value of the deals in USD and the bonuses are there to motivate the salesforce.

Currently, in the insights section if you make a report you can view only the summary of products that are reflected in the default currency (USD), while the bonuses (products with custom currency) are not displayed at all. 

I'd like to view the amount of bonuses to be paid (products in custom currency) in the Insights section. I've filtered only the bonuses (products with custom currency) to be viewed in the chart, but the value is still 0, since it's a custom currency. 

It would be great to see the custom currency in the report as well! That'd fix all the issues and make the bonus payments much easier. 

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