Replying within a colleague's email thread

Scott Kelly
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There is currently no way to forward or reply to an email that a colleague has sent a client.

Within our business we collaborate and work on deals as a team. Currently within PipeDrive we have our share permissions company wide allowing all team members to view all contacts, organisations and deals. We can view all emails within a deal but we are not able to reply or respond to an email that a colleague has sent (even if you are copied into that thread).

This is a real headache for situation when a colleague is busy or on leave as it means we have to create a completely new thread to continue a conversation on behalf of a colleague.

Is there any scope to fix this?


  • Mark Littlewood
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    Agree. This seems to be a very common use case.

  • Brandon Wood_1990
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    I completely agree. I just hired an assistant and all of my deal information is shared. I was going to have her reply to conversations and she is unable to do this in Pipedrive even though those conversations are shared with her and she is copied on some of them.

    Also, this is another issue, when she links an email thread to a shared deal why doesn't that email link on my end? We are basically managing a shared mailbox twice.

  • Richard
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    Yes. This is required functionality. It seems counterintuitive to have to create a new email thread if you aren't in the original.

    Can we have an update from Pipedrive if this is in the works?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, email visibility can be shared at the moment, but those emails still belong to their individual owners. We are planning to have shared emails soon as part of our omnichannel inbox, and you can find out more about what we're cooking in our January 2023 product talk webinar here.

  • Brandon Wood_1990
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    @Manuel Oliveira from my experience even though an email is shared it is not visible to other users UNLESS it is linked with a deal. I am a small business and it is just myself and my assistant and I pay for a Pipedrive license for us both. What I would like to do is have her go through and link all my unlinked emails to deals. This list keeps growing and it is a tedious task that I don't have time to do. However, even though those emails are shared she is unable to see them or link them to deals. So the only solution is to have her log in as me and do this. That is not a good solution.

    I can imagine this would also be extremely helpful in larger sales teams where multiple salespeople may share a sales support person. That person could help keep their PD CRM organized for the entire team.