3 trigger email examples to engage prospects and customers


Here are some examples of how trigger emails provide value to customers in various fields.

1. Ecommerce platforms

Trigger emails act as a tour guide to support customers through their journey. 

You may send an email when:

  • A customer places or cancels an order
  • A customer abandons their cart
  • A customer hits a certain milestone, such as a year since they first signed up 

2. SaaS companies

Trigger email strategies used by SaaS companies include:

  • A new customer purchases your software, leading to a set of educational onboarding emails about your product
  • A customer’s trial (or subscription) is ending soon, triggering an email that reminds them to purchase a new plan

These emails create a dialogue with customers and increase engagement with your company. 

3. B2B companies 

Trigger emails benefit your B2B marketing workflow by nurturing your leads. Even if they’re not ready to make a purchase, providing valuable information pushes them down the sales funnel, making them likely to convert into customers.

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