How can website activity of existing person be tracked?

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Hi, we have people coming into PD from a formstack form via Zapier - The person is then sent an email from PD. 

I have used CRM's in the past where cookies are used to then track the website activity of the person on our website (this involves a code snipped on the site also) - is this possible in PD? 

I would expect to be able to see the webpages that the person has visited in the activity section of PD?



  • GJ_Bridge_88635
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    I'm looking for the same answer, bumping the question.

    I'll build something myself via a custom zapier integration if it doesn't exist already

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    I know that this is definitely possible with Klaviyo.

    Should be possible with any other email marketing tool as well.

    All you need is the ability to have a cookie at the user's end and tie it back to their email in Pipedrive.

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    Should be possible except pipedrive haven't built it - they confirmed to me

    I'll build a zapier integration that will do this, I'll post it here when done

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    Stumbled upon this old thread and thought I'd add that this is possible with Outfunnel's web visitor tracking feature. It can identify a visitor based on a form fill or email click, and can record previous and subsequent web visits in Pipedrive.