Is Pipedrive running super slow for anyone else?

Zak Gottlieb
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Coming back to it after a few years away, it takes forever to load simple functions or records. Definitely not a browser issue as I've tried in different browsers. 

Really disappointing as it makes it very hard to use and stay focused. I do not believe this is an isolated issue as I've seen other reports on this forum of the same. 

Can a Pipedrive employee please comment on what is being done about this, if anything? 


  • Dale Chong
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    Yes, my Gmail sync is very slow. I get an email notification on my phone from my Gmail app. Then about 10-20 mins later, I receive the email in Pipedrive. 

    Lately, it's also been slow to send out an email from Pipedrive. Some days are better but the slow days are becoming more frequent. Definitely frustrating and may need to start looking for alternatives. I switched over from because Pipedrive had a phone app but I'm now considering going back. 

  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Zak!

    I have seen some people report slow servers in the NA region as well. I am currently not aware if Pipedrive has put this into investigation or not. Hopefully, some of the server instabilities will get fixed soon.

  • Zak Gottlieb
    Zak Gottlieb Member Posts: 3
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    Thanks guys. Is someone from Pipedrive able to weigh in on this? 

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello @Zak Gottlieb , in this case please reach out to our Support team who will be able to quickly help regarding issues specific to your Pipedrive account.

    For urgent or technical issues Support is the most adequate channel of communication, as they can carry out troubleshooting and achieve a resolution for you.