Unsubscribe list from other email sending software easily imported into Pipedrive Campaigns so conta

Darren Wake
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We are interested in Pipedrive Campaigns but currently use Campaign Monitor for our email campaigns. In Campaign Monitor we have a suppressed list which contains the emails of people who have unsubscribed to our marketing emails. Obviously this is extremely important, and we would want our contacts in Pipedrive Campaigns to be flagged as unsubscribed, so they don't receive emails.

It seems there is not a way to bulk mark our contacts in Pipedrive as unsubscribed, using the list of unsubscribed exported from Campaign Monitor. This list only contains email addresses, not names or company names. 

It would be good if there was a function where matching emails in Pipedrive could be marked as 'Unsubscribed' from this list. Kind of like a find & replace feature, where matching emails in PD are then flagged as Unsubscribed. 

Can this be looked at please?


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    Hi Darren,

    I am not sure how the contacts are entering Pipedrive, but if you are importing them, then you can mark them as Unsubscribed from the import. You can also bulk edit them if they are already inside Pipedrive.

    If you need more in-depth help, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. :)

    Have a great weekend!