Using Pipedrive to manage current client relationships?

Taylor Buford
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I am wondering about what people do for current clients within pipedrive? I have a marketing company and love using pipedrive for tracking sales. However, once they sign a contract and become clients I want to create a place to house all communications and projects. I don't want to have to create a new deal in a pipe. Is there something Pipedrive offers for the client part of customer relationships management?



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    Hi Taylor - Pipedrive is working on a Project Management tool, but it's likely still a ways away. 

    Your instinct is right that the best solution for now (assuming you like having the metrics on your sales pipeline) is to create a duplicate deal in another pipeline when a deal is won in the sales pipeline. You can do this using Pipedrive's workflow automation, but it is frustrating that you aren't able to see all of the sales deal history right within the duplicated "active client" deal. 

    Another option is simply to create more stages within your sales pipeline to capture active clients and then you can apply the filter "won deals" to toggle between looking at sales deals and active client deals in the same pipeline.