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Sascha Hamm
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As a sales company an important aspect is getting our sales consultants to call 'won' pipedrive contacts to try and drum up new business. A great way to do this would be to be able to make all contacts in pipedrive who do not have a 'won' deal invisible to the sales consultants.

This way the sales consultants only have 'won' client contact details to call. Is this something you can implement as a visibility setting?

Basically for an admin to be able to create a contact filter in pipedrive and then select visibility settings so certain users only see those contacts in pipedrive!

this way a sales company can get users to focus on certain list without a user sneaking in a call from a different filter.

Many thanks


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Sascha Hamm 

    Yes this is possible. You can check out this video in our Academy that shows what options we have:

    Basically you can add certain users to a visibility group who for example can only see deals assigned to themselves and others in their group. Then set an automation that for example assigns ownership of won deals automatically to one of the people in the group.

    Another thing you can do is more general, you mark all deals in Pipedrive to be seen only by owners & followers. Then the person who wins the deal will have to add the sales consultant as a follower before closing it so it now also shows up in their Pipeline.

    Hope it helps!