Advanced Email Search using unique information from the body of the email

Jacob Bonnett_77151
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Hey Pipedrivers,

It would be really helpful if the User could search for an email using unique information from the body of the email. Currently, the email search function is fairly limited. 

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  • Andre Vill
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    I Agree. Would love to see more love thrown into the email side of Pipedrive.

  • Terje Mognes
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    I agree, right now I have to use the E-mail portal to search for E-mails. We need an advanced search functionality to limit search results like between dates, To, From and Attachment (y/n).

  • RobS
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    Agree as well! Come on pipedrive, you got to improve your email search feature!

  • JM-S4i
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    Agree as well! 

    Pipedrive is based on email syncing - so the ability to properly search for an email to reference, is fundamental.

    In fact search should be available in the email section of your Deal or Lead - this makes a lot of sense as it is already partially filter for the user here.

    Having to switch out of PD to email client is such a waste of time!

    Please move it up the timeline in you roadmap...

  • Terra Office
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    Agreed! would be so helpful

  • Russ Johns
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    I really would like to have the ability to find an email from a message that is not in my database.

    It really defeats the purpose of returning to Gmail to find a message.

    Now that multiple emails are allowed (THANK YOU!!!!) it's even more important.

    PLEASE improve the email search.

  • GraceEdstart
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    I agree. It would be immensely beneficial for our team if Pipedrive could incorporate an advanced search functionality on the organisation, people, project and deal pages. This feature would allow us to locate specific information such as passed emails, attachments, notes, etc., using keywords.

  • Tristan
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    I agree !

    It's annoying to have to go back and search on Gmail.