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Peter Siebenhandl
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Hey team,

It would be cool if there is a feature that when you add a contact you just make a photo of the business card or a screenshot of the email signature and it automatically will be saved as a contact in pipedrive

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  • Andre Vill
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    Hi, Peter!

    I heard that some company is working on creating software for this which should be integrated with Pipedrive and other CRMS. Try googling a bit, since I am not sure what the company name was anymore.

  • Kreete K
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    Hi Peter! 

    It seems that Business Card Reader integration on our Marketplace is similar to what you are looking for. I hope you can check it out and see if it is also useful for you. 

  • Jonathan Rappa
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    I just started wtih pipedrive and actually find it odd that they dont have this natively since they are already doing OCR in the notes section. Its a smidge disappointing.