Why Deal history default filter is now Activities and not All, and how to permanently revert?

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Hi there,

A minor but annoying issue was raised by my team today. Apparently, the default filter in the Deal history view is now Activities, not All. For example, see below when you refresh a deal page with Notes attached.


As you can see, there are notes attached to this Deal - however, they are hidden because the default filter postiion is now Activities. This appears to be a recent change, and is extremely annoying. It used to default to All, which meant when you first load the page it shows all your recent activity, like so:


Because of this change, for 90% of deal views you have to now a) remember to click the All button, and b) actually click the All button.

I can see no logical reason for this change, it's the type of niggly annoyance that drives people bananas and has absolutely no net positive benefit - the few occassions where only seeing Activities was the desired outcome, it was only 1 click away.

I now have 30+ grumpy sales people to placate.

Is there a method in settings we can permanently revert this change?



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    Hi Daniel! 

    Thank you for bringing attention to this. There is no way to select a specific default tab at the moment. However, if you reach out to our Support team via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com - they will check if possible to change back to "All" tab. There was a Temporary change to this default, to improve the performance of loading these detail view pages, so we are aware of this, but currently do not know if or when we can change it back to all customers. 

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    +1 on this post. It just adds steps in our team to navigate to "all" after loading a page. Can we please change it back?

  • Rithvik Eswaran
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    +1. Absolutely unnecessary and adds an additional step for our users, please look into a fix for this!