Removing Bounced Emails

Luke Stafford
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Is there any way to ensure that emails that bounce/are faulty are removed from cadences?

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    At the moment there is no way to automate a bounced email to be removed from a cadence. 

  • BryonS
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    Is this information still accurate?

  • Kreete K
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    Hi @BryonS

    This is still true, yes. We have no option to automatically remove these Contacts/email addresses.

  • ddavis
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    How do we get this function moved onto the product roadmap? We send out 300 emails daily and when they bounce we would love to flag that contact or have a filter to remove them from the next campaign.

  • BryonS
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    Agree with this. This needs to be bumped up in priority to provide competitive feature as a marketing campaign product.

  • CMG707
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    Where can upvote this feature request? We're in the same boat as everyone else on this thread.

  • Karolina
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    Hi, did anything change with this feature?