Website form overwrites important customer data, what to do?

Rico den Burger_72422
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Hi community,

My company uses website forms to add newsletter subscribers (for example) to Pipedrive. We are really happy with this integration, but If the person that fills in the form allready exists, Pipedrive overwrites the existing info of the person. As a result, all kind of important information is lost and automatic processes are stopped. 

Maybe, we made a mistake by letting the website form create a new person and we should make a lead first? 

I hope you guys and girls can help me out. 

Thanks in advance. 



  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi Rico - What webform service are you using? And how did you connect it to Pipedrive? Depending on your integration setup, you may just need to change it such that "if a person is found" the automation stops rather than updating the existing person.

  • Joshua Murphy
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    If your using zapier, it should trigger by form submision, then FIND PERSON, if person does not exist then create a person. However, if person does exist then it will have the existing person data. Then the next step is to have a custom field called deal id. The deal id is added to each new person automatically with an internal automation. We will then use the deal id to for the next step in the zap. FIND DEAL, if the deal is not found then it should create a deal with the person attached, if a deal is found then the next step can be nothing, or if thier is specifics that you want updated you would then use UPDATE DEAL IN ZAPIER and then update only what needs to be updated, what you dont want updated select an input. This is sorta complicated to make sense of but thats the answer assuming your using zapier, if your using the pipedrive form then contact pipedrive support or just switch from the form as you will have more control over this stuff using zapier with an external form tool. If you wanna discuss this you can book a time and ill walk you through how it works.

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    Hey Rico,

    It might also be because of the duplication rules. Our lovely support team can change them for your company to whatever would help you not have these files overridden. By default, they work like this.

    Have a lovely day!

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    @Rico den Burger This is a problem for us too. Would love to hear from you if you found a good solution.