Why can't you create and send quotes in pipedrive?

James Crawley
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Surely quotations is an integral part of most sales processes, so I can't fathom why this functionality doesn't exist, especially when invoicing does ( and is fully integrated into Xero accounting and works perfectly) and you have to rely on third party apps.  Presumably the same API that creates xero invoices can be used to create Xero Quotes....   +quotes +quotations

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  • Andre Vill
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    Hi James!

    Pipedrive has an add-on called Smart-Docs which maybe could be a bit of help on this.

    Check it out here

  • mobileforce-cpq
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    Hi @James Crawley

    We are a new CPQ/Quoting partner of Pipedrive.

    Are you still looking for a quoting solution for your Pipedrive CRM?

    Our robust CPQ add-on app is fully integrated inside a Pipedrive deal to help you generate a branded quote document in minutes, and can address many of your needs including integration with external data sources during quoting. We support full product catalog, configuration, pricing and discounting rules, multiple price books, and currencies, and different pricing schemes such as volume/tiered/block pricing, automatic quote or proposal document generation, eSignatures, and customizable forms supporting the quote process.

    We'll be happy to discuss if our CPQ for Pipedrive solution would be of interest to you.


    Mobileforce Team


  • Bethany H.
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    Hello. Is the possibility of creating quotes in deals still in discussion? I appreciate the ability to create invoices in PipeDrive, but am also interested in quotes.

  • BohdanD
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    Good question, no straight answers 😂. Why is there no Quoting module??

  • You can use smart docs for quotes in pipedrive. Id also check out Qwilr or Better proposals.

  • KPI
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    This part is infuriating. Has anyone found a good solution? I'm having to do double entries - estimate in QBO and in Pipedrive as a deal. Makes no sense.