Why people unsubscribe from email lists (and how it affects email health)


To strengthen your email list and ensure you’re not leaking subscribers for unknown reasons, find out if you have a content or subscriber issue:

  • Examine open rates, bounce rates and spam complaints to see if they are within industry standards. If these rates aren’t acceptable,  you may have a low-quality content issue. When engagement is very low, your sender reputation takes a hit, negatively impacting your email health and keeping your emails from inboxes.
  • Look at your unsubscribe list to determine if they’re contacts that you would have wanted to keep (e.g., potential future leads). If you’re losing these contacts, you might have an irrelevant content issue. If you’re losing contacts who don’t meet your buyer persona, you could just be refining your list.

Before you start resubscribing unsubscribed contacts, understand why they unsubscribed in the first place. You’ll get insights into how you can improve email engagement.

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