How do you curb your carbon footprint while growing your business?

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Partner with companies that have similar values and a like-minded approach to business to show customers that you’re serious about the environment. 

This means rethinking your supply chain, sourcing responsible materials and reducing your overall business consumption (but it pays off). 

In 2010, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan aimed to double business and: 

  • Halve product and manufacturing waste
  • Source all agricultural products sustainably
  • Halve the water use 
  • Reduce manufacturing emissions
  • Help a billion people improve health and hygiene

By 2020, Unilever had cut its greenhouse gas impact by 75% despite producing significantly more products. 

The company also cut its total waste per tonne of production by 96% and increased sustainable suppliers to 67%. 

A major part of Unilever’s success came from who it decided to work with. 

Reduce your environmental impact and remain profitable by rethinking partnerships and processes.

Click here for a more in-depth look at the benefits of becoming an eco-friendly business and nine ideas you can use to minimize your carbon footprint, cut costs and build a loyal customer base.



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    Companies can think of their emissions in three buckets or scopes.  Scope 1 means emissions directly generated by your business. Scope 2 is the equivalent emissions from your electricity and Scope 3 is your indirect emissions footprint from your suppliers.

    The previous post with Unilever as an example is a great example of addressing Scope 1.  For Scope 2, there are three approaches, energy efficiency, onsite renewables, and finally offsite renewables.  The component that will address the biggest portion of your electrical load would be using renewable energy from offsite sources through a physical or virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Signing up for a PPA helps renewable energy projects get the project financing (construction funds) that a solar or wind projects needs to get built and come into existence.  This is good for adding renewable power to the grid.

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