Measuring what marketing channels, campaigns and touches drives sales (aka marketing attribution): a

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Measuring b2b marketing shouldn’t be this hard, right? But if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business using a mix of tools (say, Pipedrive for CRM, Mailchimp for email marketing, and website on Wix) you’ll have plenty of different reports and dashboards but none can tell you what's really driving sales.

We recently ran an analysis that pulled together our sales data in Pipedrive and marketing data from Outfunnel, Contact Form 7, Calendly, Livestorm, and our custom-build lead source capturer to find out:

  • Broadly, what channels are driving new leads in our marketing mix
  • Following the money: how are each of the channels converting leads to paid

We then wanted to dig deeper into each of the main channels.

  • Content marketing: what kind of content marketing is driving leads and conversions 
  • Social media: what drives traffic, leads, conversions
  • Paid marketing: which ad platforms perform best
  • A quick detour: what kinds of email addresses lead to conversions

And we then wanted to assess the effectiveness of individual marketing tactics. Namely:

  • What’s the effect of a “consulting call” on conversion
  • Do webinars help to convert signups to paid
  • Does visiting our website during a trial help to convert leads to paid

See the case study we published: 9 things we learned from combining Outfunnel’s marketing and sales data

Keen to compare notes with people who have done similar things. What tools and reports are you finding useful? What are your biggest unanswered questions related to marketing attribution? What have been your biggest surprises? 

Finally - would you like help with capturing and analyzing lead sources? We're working on some new Outfunnel features that may help, happy to offer mini-consulting for free or invite you to our (highly affordable) pilot/beta program. Details at the end of the post, or just reply here. 



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    This is great!

    Thank you Andrus and the whole Outfunnel team!