Email Workflow that works with Multiple Contacts per deal

Zach Garrison
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Workflow and email multiple contacts once stage has been moved to another specific workflow stage.

I am in the Construction industry and when I have multiple contractors bidding on a project I have to send an email individually to each one. There is no way to link individually with in a deal to mass email all involved to check in on the project as to who was awarded. Once I know who has been awarded I can remove everyone else from that deal and focus on that one contractor. 


Any suggestions?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Try using a third-party platform like Zapier or Make to set this up to send the email to multiple parties at once. 

  • Juho Koski
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    Hello Zach,

    Please give me a call. I am 100 % sure Zimple can help you. I have been working with Pipedrive in the Finnish construction industry for 5 years and I know some struggle you may be facing. Anyway, I am also referring to message from Boris that this cannot be achieved without a third-party tool.

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