Bulk Edit Custom Fields for Leads

Michael Ramian
Michael Ramian Member Posts: 4
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Will we ever be able to bulk edit custom fields within our Leads dashboard?

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  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
    Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz) Member Posts: 1,360
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    edited June 2022 #2

    I see Leads feature mimic Deals feature 100% in the long run. So yes, but don't know when.

  • Boris Tsibelman
    Boris Tsibelman Member Posts: 872
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    edited June 2022 #3

    Never say never ... 

  • JD Cleary
    JD Cleary Member Posts: 2
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    I need this feature 😓

  • Pierre Couture
    Pierre Couture Member Posts: 4
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    I second ths group to request a Bulk Edit custom fields for LEADS, thanks.

  • DavidJi
    DavidJi Member Posts: 4
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    When will this feature be released?

  • Braden Schrock
    Braden Schrock Member Posts: 4
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    Is this going to happen? Very frustrating that basic functionality like this is not available.

  • Steven Logreira_31
    Steven Logreira_31 Member Posts: 16
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    Please make this change, it's a pain to edit one by one

  • Artem M.
    Artem M. Member Posts: 1
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    Bulk editing the custom field for Leads is a must.

  • sher456
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  • sher456
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