Sales Strategy | Empower your Pipedrive data with Geo-Visualization

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Visualize sales performance, opportunities and data on maps and charts. Seeing data and all details on maps is easy and supports quick decision-making.

Create territories on the map to maximize revenue, achieve sales goals and drive productivity. Automated territory optimization is based on multiple variables that simultaneously impact your business. Real-time analytics bring in your data to power the maps and charts, so you can focus on your sales activities instead of data management.

WeMapSales is online, accessible through your desktop or mobile device. Register and operate without a complex setup. Your Pipedrive data will be seamlessly integrated and automatically updated. Zip code and other supporting census data will also be automatically updated on an ongoing basis.

No installation needed, single-sign-on with Pipedrive credentials and plug and play app without complicated implementation.

App features:

- Sale planning tools to create territory models using multiple data fields.

- Map analytics suite for reports rendered on charts and maps. Lasso tool, zip code radius tool or manual selection of accounts and geographies.

- Selection of specific geography and applying account level filters to create a custom active dataset.

Give our App a try for free. Reach out at: with feedback, comments or request for more information & demos! Visit our Marketplace page to access the App