Leads: Labels as a Filter Option

Jamie Pride
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Hi Team,

It would be great to apply lead labels within filters (unless I am mistaken). I appreciate there is a "label drop down" however it doesn't substitute for full filtering functionality. Any suggestions?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Maybe try creating a custom field? 

  • remotemountain
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    I 2nd this motion, would love to be able to create a lead filter based on labels.

  • Aaron Lifshin
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    Any movement on this? I can filter by Person Labels, but not Lead Labels. Why?

  • Jake Kushner (JLK)
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    I am shocked that this doesn't exist still. Such basic functionality! The leads module of PD is truly neglected.

  • Kris Kuhn_66476

    Jumping on this string. We would greatly benefit from being able to filter a list that contains two labels. Right now we can only do "LabelA" AND "LabelB". Whereas what we need is to be able to filter by "LabelA" OR "LabelB".

  • Andreas Valentin
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    It's absolutely insane how bad the UX of Leads Labels filtering is.

    There is no logic to it, other than perhaps created specifically to get my piss to boil! :D

    What's going on here?

    Just use the same damn logic and functions from the Deals Inbox.

  • Deborah Saban-Eppel

    Jumping in here. I am relatively new to Pipedrive and I am having the exact same issue as described above with both "lead labels" and "deal labels". The functionality to create deal or lead labels is great but of very limited use if we cannot then filter a list based on these labels. It is a basic feature, and would greatly improve the user experience.

    Pipedrive product managers, please prioritise the development of this feature and deliver it ASAP! It is a cause of daily frustration!

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