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Laurent Gaulhiac
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I am trying out Pipedrive but the timezone features are really lacking as I am living in Vietnam but work mostly for European clients... And I have also US contact from time to time.

Here some improvements :

First it will be good to be able to change the "detected" timezone by the one we want, manually.

A second easy improvement will be to be able to display more timezones on all the calendar views like :

  • In Activities on the calendar view. So we can have "local" (our default "detected or selected") and the extra we want by choosing a city for example "Paris", "New York".
  • In all the scheduling windows.
  • In the send later time selector have "my time zone" and "client timezone" side by side.

If you encounter this limitation or think you will, please like this post.
Thanks for considering this :)

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  • Jay Rou
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    @Laurent Gaulhiac I was having trouble managing clients across time zones myself so I built this extension that helps you see the time they're in (deducting it from phone number). or

    Hopefully it is helpful to you

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