Different emails to different contacts within a single company

Michael-David Geppelt
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Hi. I work mainly with creative and advertising agencies. These agencies work in client teams, so I, more often than not, need to reach out to the creative or account directors in each team. However, my emails very often get forwarded around. I would like to know if there is a way to setup a campaign to send different emails to each contact within a given company besides segmentation?


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    Hi @Michael-David Geppelt 

    To send different content emails, at the moment you need to create separate campaigns. E.g. one campaign with content to specific filters of contacts and 2nd campaigns with other types of content to the same filter.

    Could you share more details how you see sending the same campaign to some contacts but with different contacts? Is it based on activity? E.g. If contact opens the 1st campaign, then the user will get X content, but if no opens, in a specific period of time, then the user will get Y campaign?