We are still improving and adding features to ActiveDEMAND. Things we've done so far:

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Scheduled video posts to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter: This gives you another option to get your message in front of your audience. Video has grown in popularity year over year and gets more engagement and more exposure. And it's easy to schedule videos to your content calendar so you don't forget to post.

Auto-scrape Form Submits: We’ve made it much easier to integrate 3rd party webform submits into your account. There are some limitations so we still recommend that you use ActiveDEMAND forms. But if you can't make changes to the website or you need tracking in a hurry, virtual forms work great.

Countdown Timer: We added a new Countdown Timer widget to the email editor. You can find it on the right side of your editor pop out under Content. If you are promoting an event like a webinar, or the launch of a new product the countdown timer is a great way to make people aware of the expected launch date 

ActiveDEMAND Deal tracking: ActiveDEMAND has a deal processing system that will detect deal creation/deal updates within your account. When a deal is detected in Pipedrive, ActiveDEMAND will create a 'shadow deal' within ActiveDEMAND. This deal object that is created within your ActiveDEMAND account will be used to trigger automation within ActiveDEMAND. When the deal changes in Pipedrive, the ActiveDEMAND deal object is updated in your account.

  • Basic Deal configuration is done automatically during CRM integration setup.
  • Use Pipeline and Deal objects and customizable fields to synchronize data, stages and statuses
  • Deals can be viewed on your Dashboard, Contact and Organization records
  • Automation workflows can be triggered when a deal is created, the deal status changes, or the deal stage changes

ActiveDEMAND Tasks: Instead of flipping back and forth between your tasking software and ActiveDEMAND, you can now add your tasks directly in ActiveDEMAND. Just setting up Tasks in ActiveDEMAND will streamline your work and save you time but you can also:

  • Create, track, and complete marketing tasks
  • Add checklists to tasks
  • Assign one or multiple people to tasks
  • Assign prospect/client contact & orgs to each task
  • Automate the creation of tasks in workflows, calendar campaigns
  • Add setup tasks to account templates for onboarding
  • Quickly auto-complete emails and LinkedIn messages

Agency Management and Reporting Features:

  • Create Client Account Button: We have added a new Create Client Account button to make setting up sub-accounts a breeze.
  • Clone Custom Fields to Sub-accounts:For multi-tenant agencies or any business with multiple sub-accounts, this feature makes it easy to clone fields to those sub-accounts.
  • Agency Account Summary widget: You can see one more layer of the agency account summary report - the parent account to the subaccounts.

Account Roll-up Report on Specific Conversion Type:

 This new reporting widget shows all the accounts and specific conversions such as appointments booked, calls generated, or form fills etc. Now it's easy to compare side by side on the specific conversions across multiple accounts. 


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    I want to add checklist to deal stage, is that possible

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    Hi Mark, could you give me a bit more detail? Is this a question on mapping deal stage data from Pipedrive with a contact or deal object in ActiveDEMAND?