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Mathias Brask
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It seems odd, that there is an option (when adding new products) to set the "Direct cost", but that cost is not shown when adding products to a deal, for calculating the gross margin. 

That could end up in situations where the sales agent is selling the product with a discount, that is more than the cost of the product. Ending up with the company / ourself, paying for the client and the products sold even more than expected. Since the earnings are now gone. 

This could be prevented with a "Direct cost" column in the "Adding products to a deal view", and when calculating the total price of the deal/offer, there could be shown a field with a value of "Gross margin", where a little logic could be very needy. For example "if negative = shows red".

Later on, it could be expanded with a threshold-setting or something similiar in the backend/company setting.

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  • @Mike van der Valk is there any update on this ?

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Suveren

    Unfortunately no update. However I know we have a team exploring how we can improve products on our side. I'll pass on the feedback to them to prioritise :)

  • @Mike van der Valk we really need this functionality! At the moment Pipedrive is decreasing the effectiveness of our sales process, since we now also have to use your accounting system for calculating our gross-margin instead of this being auto-calculated in Pipedrive, and then we could make an API integration to your accounting software for updating the products and prices accordingly, but at the moment, we will stop adding products to our deals, due to the lack of gross margin - really sad :-/ Since our sales system (pipedrive) should provide this together with the rest of the data shown in dashboard/insights etc.

    What is the time horizon on this topic? I mean, isn't it a simple fix for you guys, to start implementing the fields, which are already represent in the products-module, on the deal page, and then making a total value?

  • Mike van der Valk
    Mike van der Valk Posts: 4,052 PRODUCT MANAGER
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    Hi @Mathias Brask

    For 2023 we have a team focussing on improving our Products area in Pipedrive drastically. I'll ask them to take a look at this thread and hopefully they can improve this as well. Thanks for sharing!