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Feature Request:  In workflow automation, we can select to send an email on a condition match.  Is there a way to place a DATE field of WHEN the email(s) will be sent?  I would like to have the event trigger a series of emails but each one on different dates that the emails go out.  Adding this field seems like a simple thing.  PLEASE!!!!

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    Hi @Frank Wible, Realtor, CPRES, CDPE, MREC,

    We have been asking for this, but as a programmer and automator, I also understand that this is NOT a simple thing to do.

    Can I suggest a simpler solution in the meantime?

    Option 1: Instead of setting up an email in the action part of this automation, set a separate activity for the x days after. On the day of those activities, bulk select and mark them complete. Before that, set up an automation to trigger an email when this type of activity is marked done.


    Option 2: Set up automation using Make/Integromat. It will depend on the trigger though. 

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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